Jetbeam HR30 Headlamp Review


Jetbeam sent me this light to make a youtube video so thought I’d make a record of it here as well.

The HR30 is a 950 lumen headlamp which can be converted to a hand-held light. The light also features USB-C charging and can accept larger 20700 batteries in addition to typical 18650.

For more details, see manufacture’s website:

Video Review




 The light runs on turbo for about 3m 30s before



A max body temp of 125°F and out-the-front temp of 173°F was observed for TURBO. The temperature looks regulated and output drops sharply to prevent the light from going above 125°F.


USB Charging

The light uses USB-C connector which theoretically could go up to 3A but for a power source I used my laptops USB 3.0 port which should theoretically be able to go up to 1.5A but the light didn’t seem to draw that amount of current or perhaps my laptop was being finicky. The battery capacity tested to be right on the money per the advertised 2600 mAh.





  • USB C with neat bright green charging indicator light
  • Can use larger 20700 battery
  • Can still run the primary light during charging (but red indicators still blink)
  • Can lock-out the light by slightly unscrewing the battery cap
  • Temperature regulated
  • Has magnetic tail cap and pocket clip to be used as a handheld light.



  • The tilting lock mechanism is stiff and and the ratcheting on the forehead can be uncomfortable
  • Button is a little too small and I would rather it was on the end of the charging tail cap instead of on the front of the light.
  • Don’t prefer the bright blinking red light during charging
  • The UI is a bit out of the ordinary; the secondary red is in the primary rotation as the lowest low
  • Single tap of switch, from off, does a battery level check which seems like a misuse of the most basic press of the button.
  • Pretty hard to remove the light from the headmount, have to take off caps and deal with any messed-up o-rings
  • Over-the-head strap is just a loop connection to the back and does not stay in place, sometimes makes it tricky to put on the strap.



The current price for the light is about $60 USD.

Order HR30 Headlamp Link:

Wholesale JETBeam/Niteye HR30:

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