Nitecore MT06MD Penlight Review

Are you a trained medical doctor, nurse, EMT, or healthcare professional? I certainly am not but, I’m a father and one of my roles is the family medic ;-).

As such,  I’ve been in the market for a penlight for a while and have been close to picking some others up but what I couldn’t really find was a “dim enough” light to check pupils for signs of concussions but bright enough to check other orifices such as throat and ears and even the scalp.

The other part is that variations in color of skin help in figuring out what is going on so even if I just picked up a flashlight, the blue LED overtones would likely wash these signs out.

I have to say that Nitecore has done their homework when they developed the updated MT06MD penligh; the creation of a new low output and the combination with a new high CRI led from Nichia I think will make an excellent addition to my medic pack.

Nitecore MT06MD Penlight Revew CivilGear 013


Nitecore MT06MD Penlight Revew CivilGear 176


Here is the specs from Nitecore’s website.

Output & Runtime

Very bright for about 45 min. Overall, it took 4 hours to completely drain the batteries starting on the high mode.


Max Output 180 lumens
Max Beam Distance 58 m
Max Beam Intensity 860 cd
Max Run time 35 h 0 m / 1.46 d
LED Nichia 219B LED
Reflector SMO
Battery 2 × AAA
Beam color High CRI (~5000K per packaging)
Length 128 mm / 5.04 in
Head Size 14 mm / 0.55 in
Weight 22 g / 0.78 oz

LED Specs

One of the homeruns on this light is the Nichia 219B LED with CRI≥ 90 and is photo-biologically safe rated at RG0 (risk-free group). As many know already, CRI is a color render index which rates how well colors look under the subject light, where high CRI means better color rendering, and having good colors helps medical professionals a lot.


It’s sort of assumed for most flashlight LEDs, but the other part I didn’t realize, that the Nichia 219B LED is rated perfectly safe to be shined in someones eyes, and that there is no hidden radiation being emitted, which many doctors and their lawyers will like to hear. Here is an info sheet from Underwriters Laboratories on the subject: ul-lighting-sheet-fotobiologico-v2

Other Features

  • Starts in low mode
  • Constant current (ie no PWM)
  • Can be sterilized after use
  • Uses 2xAA batteries
  • IPX8 water proof (2 meter submersible)
  • Impact resistant to 1.5 meters
  • Areospace grade aluminum
  • HAIII hard anodising





The light appears identical to its predecessor MT06 with a black smooth body witha stainless steel clip and clicky switch. There is a very slight machined texture which at first feels like a cost cutting measure but it may have be done on purpose to try to add a bit of grip without cutting knurling which may have made it more difficult to clean.



The beam angle is not advertised but using a printed protractor I measured the main spot to have a total angle of about 25° and a total spill angle of about 80°.






Nitecore MT06MD Penlight Revew CivilGear 123
Nitecore R40 w/CREE XP-L HI (left), Nitecore MT06MD w/Nichia 219B (right)




The light uses a single button interface and has only three output levels; so I’d say this is one of the simpler UIs out there. You do a full press to click the light on, then you can either do quick half presses or full double clicks to cycle to the levels. Alternatively, you can also quickly loosen and tighten the head and it will cycle as well. You can lock out the light by loosening the head. Easy-peasy. I did notice that when holding the half press for a certain amount of time between high and low, when the light switches to low, there is a very quick bright flash before dimming to low; I’ve found that you can avoid this easily by more quickly half pressing to cycle the light.


The light takes 2xAAA which makes for a very slim and light form-factor. I’ve typically been against the use of AAA lights but since this has such a small form factor, it is very much worth it.


Nitecore provides a 5-year warranty! Make sure you buy from an authorized dealer or you will waive your rights to the warranty. Also, take care to store your light properly, as the warranty does not cover damages caused by batter leakage. Check out their full terms of service.



  • Great color rendering! Really helps in observing patients or checking electrical wiring.
  • Optimal 4 lumen low mode PERFECT (imo) for checking pupil dilation; many pen lights don’t even have such a low level, and if they do, they tend to be only 1 lumen.
  • Very slim and light weight, fits great in pockets, and can be held between the lips if needed
  • Very professional look with stainless steel accents
  • Starts in low mode
  • Wonderfully smooth transisition between beam spot and spill
  • Has physical lock out for preserving battery
  • AAA batteries are very easy to replace and, for professionals, I’m sure most employers will provide these
  • IPX8 water proof and can be washed in the sink or sanitized
  • Hard anodizing will help prevent scratches and keep the light looking very professional
  • I like that you can half press the switch to cycle the modes and reduce clicky sounds when observing patients
  • Has constant current (no PWM) and great runtime; if left in the high mode it takes 4 hours to be fully drained!



  • Pocket clip not as resilient, but you can fix it if it bends too far; wish the clip was titanium plated even if it didn’t look as professional
  • Clicky switch cover feels a little wobbly so I packed it with some tissue for a little more stability
  • Very, very, slight machined texture on the body
  • Would have like a little traditional knurling near the switch end for increased grip
  • The light gets a little warm, but not really hot, if left on for extended amount of time, which is unlikely for a penlight



Even with all the promotion for use in the medical field, I still don’t think you wanted to see in my throat, or any other body part or that matter, so I figured I’d stick with some outdoor beam shots. 😉

Nitecore MT06MD Penlight Revew CivilGear 165
Pull box markings (high mode)


Nitecore MT06MD Penlight Revew CivilGear 140
Steel plate covers on asphalt (high mode)


Nitecore MT06MD Penlight Revew CivilGear 162
Tree tops (high mode)


Nitecore MT06MD Penlight Revew CivilGear 171
Glove box (low mode)


Nitecore MT06MD Penlight Revew CivilGear 125
Checking the CRI on our toddler art (mid mode)



Currently the penlight is around $30 USD on amazon. If you appreciated my review and would like to support my work, I’ve provided an Amazon affiliate link to the featured product.

Nitecore MT06MD 180 Lumen Nichia LED Medical Penlight Flashlight For Doctors, Nurses and EMTs with 2x AAA (affiliate) (non-affiliate)



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