Ergodyne Proflex 710TX Gloves Review

Are you using technology on the job or got your boss calling every 15 min and you’d rather not drop everything in order to take off your gloves to answer a simple call or to have to put down your tools so you can turn to the next page in the design plans on your tablet? If so, check say hello the Proflex 710TX gloves.


The reinforced Tena-Grip palm accents is a smooth and flexible PVC rubber material which provides a useful dry grip but may slip a little when wet but is balanced by the surrounding leather suede . The finger tips have a slightly different material but have about the same grip as the rubber palm accents. Overall, I tend to prefer a more non-slip grip so I am satisfied. The grip on the pinky finger seems to go up too high but doesn’t get in the way, but my knuckles are not as in-line but more of an arc with the pinky metacarpal being about an half inch shorter then my ring finger metacarpal.



The glove seems to fit a little small, perhaps I may have longer than average fingers, but the stretchy “hex-stretch poly knit” fabric on the back allows for some size forgivness. My hand is about 8.5 inches circumference (snug) around the my knuckles and 8.5 inches from the base of palm to the end of middle finger. According to Ergodyne’s sizing chart, I would be a Medium, but from past experience with other gloves, I usually fit more comfortably in an XL. In this case, I decided on Large and it fit very well, main comment is that the thumb saddle is a little tight for me (I possibly also have a little longer thumb than others). These gloves also have a very short “stretch-in” time thanks to the hex-stretch fabric. The cuff seems a little short and after a long day’s work, my wrist, just under my thumb, was a little irritated but not really blistered.



These gloves have a surprising amount of dexterity but the tip of index finger seams get in the way a little. The middle and ring finger have sort of a gusset fabric which travels to the tip, making two seams which fall right above and below of the fingernail and seem to have more dexterity. Another key to the dexterity with this hex-stretch type glove is getting a snug fit, otherwise you will likely have to much room in your finger tips.




This feature worked better than expected. The only tricky part to learn is “pinching” the screen (to zoom in and out) which uses two fingers but also the pinching motion transfers finger contact from finger pads to finger tips and gloves. The unexpected surprise is that in addition to ALL the finger and thumb ‘being touchscreen enabled, the reverse sides are too! This area covers from the tip all the way back to the fingernail area. This is my first pair of gloves like this so I’m not sure if wear on the materials will affect the quality of this feature. As a suggestion, it might have been nice to have one of the finger knuckles touchscreen enabled, perhaps the middle finger knuckle, incase your hands are dirty and just need to answer a phone call.

Ergodyne Proflex 710TX Gloves Review CivilGear 066

In the Field

Ergodyne Proflex 710TX Gloves Review CivilGear 096
Manhole inspections using wireless camera remote on smartphone


Ergodyne Proflex 710TX Gloves Review CivilGear 106


Ergodyne Proflex 710TX Gloves Review CivilGear 017
Inspecting traffic signal cabinet


  • The neoprene knuckle pad Is SUPER comfortable and is my second favorite feature of these gloves!
  • The wrist strap uses micro hook and loop so you won’t get scratched.
  • One of the pull tabs is pulling out of the stitch, perhaps these could use double stiching in addition to the being sewn into the hook strap
  • The inside of the palm is unlined so it will have a leather/suede feel
  • The wrist strap has some cutouts which gives the loop side a natural curve which makes it easy for cinching up the gloves
  • When first trying on the gloves, raw leather edges feel a bit uncomfortable but after a little use they soften and feel more comfortable


These gloves currently cost about $33 on Ergodne’s website here.



Ergodyne provided the featured product free of charge for testing and providing honest feedback.


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