Ergodyne Proflex 925WP Gloves Review

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Are you looking to not only weather the worst storm you can find (ran, wind, or snow) but also demo a concrete side walk at the same time? Remember that job where wet gloves just made you miserable? Well say hello to Ergodyne Proflex 925WP which are not only water proof, but are also: thermal insulated, wind proofed, and have dorsal impact protection. Seriously,there’s only like 3 more things needed and you have a wonder glove 😉

Ergodyne 925WP Gloves CivilGear 008.jpg


Quick Specs

  • Dual-zone 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation
  • Waterproof/windproof breathable membrane insert
  • Full TPR armor + technical foam for max protection
  • Dual-layer AX Suede™-reinforced gripping palm
  • Armortex®-reinforced thumb saddle and index finger
  • Padded neoprene cuff with reflective binding
  • Pull-on tab with ID space to write wearer’s name
  • EN 388: 3323 X


Overview Review


I was drawn to the new DIR style and the high vis. fluorescent yellow green (“Lime”). The DIR style has pleasing corners and detailed texture and the lime color is eye catching without being too flamboyant. There is also a great variety of material textures, between the AX suede, the “lime” Kevlar, and the thumb saddle, which all provides for feeling of technical excellence. The application of the blue color is helpful for identifying it’s key characteristics at a glance. The glove also has a retro reflective trim which will be great for night visibility, and for locating a dropped glove at the end of the day.


These gloves use AX Suede as the main friction surface, which is a very strong and comfortable material, but-to me-has a low friction grip.

Grip is a very important factor to consider for each task you face. I tend to prefer a more non-slip grip, and I’m no expert, but from what I’ve seen around, non-slip grips usually mean less abrasion resistance which may reduce the life of the glove.



The glove seems to fit a little small, likely due to thermal and water proof liners. My hand is about 8.5 inches circumference (snug) around the my knuckles and 8.5 inches from the base of palm to the end of middle finger. According to Ergodyne’s sizing chart, I would be a Medium, but from past experience with other gloves, I usually fit more comfortably in an Extra Large. In this case, I decided on Large and the fit is pretty good but I feel when I make a fist, the bottom of the palm doesn’t quite come down enough, the thumb saddle and pinky saddles are a little tight. I think XL would have been a better choice for me. These gloves also have a little “break-in” time to help get the linning and shell working together, and working in the finger saddles a little bit.


Don’t expect too much dexterity here with all of the liners, but since the liners are attached to the outer shell at the finger tips, it doesn’t feel like you are wearing two pairs of gloves. However, because the liner attaches at the finger tips, there is a lot of material which sometimes becomes a bit of an air gap between fingers tips and outer shell.

Special Features


The new dorsal impact reducing protection is eye catching but still could use some refinement. The main issue for me was the reverse palm side. Because it’s a pretty large and thick piece of rubber which extends above the knuckles, when you make a fist, it doesn’t really just bend, it gets pulled up by the fist action, therefore your muscles have to work a little harder stretching and bending against the DIR.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The thumb has much more protection now but the bottom of the “L” doesn’t really cover a bone, so when the muscle contracts for a thumbs up, the rubber awkwardly sticks out. ergodyne-925wp-gloves-civilgear-129

Also there are a couple of spots that I think could use more protection, the side of the index metacarpal and the pinky metacarpal.

Water Proof

This is my favorite special feature. Having dunk-tested this, I’m a believer. Even the short cuffs on these were water proof. The only thing is that if a task involves reaching into water, I’d want longer cuffs to help keep water from over topping my gloves.



Thermal Insulation

I’d describe these gloves as heat-neutral because they breath surprisingly well for also being water proof. The act of putting on these gloves won’t necessarily start warming up your hands, but once you start working, they don’t turn into an oven. These will prevent your hands from getting colder, but if your hands were already cold when you put them on, they’ll still be cold for a little while.


Reflective Binding

Not really marketed as a key special feature, but I feel like I drop gloves, or am looking for my gloves, all the time, and now it doesn’t even matter if they land front or back, as there will always be some bit of reflective binding showing.








  • Actually water proof!
  • Breath well for being a thick glove
  • Well protected dorsal impact protection
  • Durable materials
  • Reflective binding
  • Useful pull-on tabs
  • Balanced hi-vis looks


  • DIR could use a little more refinement to reduce muscle strain
  • Low friction grip
  • Size runs small



These gloves currently cost about $50 on Ergodne’s website here.

Thanks for reading!


Ergodyne provided the featured product free of charge for testing and providing honest feedback.

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