Ergodyne Squids 3155 Hard Hat Lanyard

Hey everyone! I purchased a new “hard” hat lanyard from Ergodyne from Amazon here (for less than $5) and want to provide some quick thoughts.

I’ve reviewed one of Ergodyne’s other hard hat lanyard, the Squids 3150, which is the same except for one connection point. The 3155 has a pinch-type connection which is great if you don’t really have a vest or backpack strap to connect to. As you can see, I just pinched it onto my shirt and has a very firm grip.


  • Soft materials
  • Very stretchy and there won’t be sudden jerks on your vest or clothing
  • Strong clip attachment
  • Pinch clip can be attached to a vest loop or strap using one hand


  • Only comes in “lime”, black would have been nice for non-work uses
  • The hat side clamp can be a little tricky to close
  • Can’t adjust the length of the lanyard
  • Pinch clip needs to hands to remove

Drop Tests

I performed some drop tests in my video review and the clip held on much tighter than expected.


  • Wish the pinch clip could be pinched to both close and open, as this would potentially offer complete one-handed operation
  • Wish this also came in black or tan
  • Wish the length could be adjusted

Overall, I’m happy to have tried this option. I think the previous 3150 model is the better way to go for actual hard hats as it provides a positive connection to you, instead of friction, but this option seems a perfect fit for regular hats worn on the job that you’d rather not loose.

Thanks for reading!

If you appreciate my review, check out the 3155 on Amazon here:

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