Ergodyne Squids 3150 Hard Hat Lanyard Review

Hi All! Quick review of a nifty new piece of PPE! You may have a tool lanyard but what about a hard hat lanyard? No you say? Never heard of such a thing? You mean you’ve never seen anyone wearing one? Even those building facade or building glazier folks don’t even wear one even though that scaffolding goes up six stories? Well, join the revolution and let everyone know how safety conscious your are while also making a new fashion statement!

Egodyne Squids 3150 CivilGear 007


Ergodynye has got a bunch of different types of hard hat lanyard to choose from but I picked up the 3150 because I liked the personal attachment loop with buckle because it could be so versatile.

Before we go further, I believe this is one of the gutsiest pieces of PPE out there (for now)! The reason? You are making a very obvious statement about how seriously you take safety, especially if you’re not really working at heights, like me. This lanyard has some very practical applications too, one of which I saw just last week; a laborer bumped his head on some rebar, and his hard hat fell -splat- into wet concrete. Here are some bullet-point thoughts on the product itself:


The thin but wide elastic has great stretch and absorbs the shock of that hat falling much better than I would have guessed. I was worried at first for attaching my hat to my radio strap on my vest, fearing that sharp yanks would tear it, but the lanyard has such great stretch it does not.

The thin band can be wrapped on the rear side of the hat harnessĀ (out of your line of site) and you won’t feel any pressure points. If you’re like me and are already using the accessory slots, this thin elastic style is definitely the way to go!

The bright yellow, makes it easy to find among all your other gear.


Is being too safe a con? Lol. Sorry, but couldn’t think of any except that the personal attachment side buckle has a safety button that is pretty stiff, and you must use both hands to undo, and even then you need a few seconds and stop what you’re doing and end all conversations, again, a very bold safety statement ;-).


Hat-side buckle works great, but double check that the flipping lever closes all the way.

Maybe the shier safety guys would have liked to get this one in black.

Would have like the personal attachment side buckle to have possibly been a ‘safe’ but also one-handed operation (next time I’ll try out the Squids 3155 which actually has a clip instead).

Remember, you need an attachment point on you somewhere above the belt. I choose my vest radio loops and worked well. I imagine a backpack strap would work great as well.


Thanks for reading!

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